The Uncertain Life

Not that you all don’t know ! Just to remind you all LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!!

We all go through some kind of pain in every stage of life. If you think it will all end one day and you will attain peace, you are absolutely wrong ! There is no end for all the suffering !

The truth is time will never heal you ! Time just makes you understand why it is the way it is ! Who know if you will still be breathing before time helps you understand it ? You need to work with time to achieve acceptance faster !

While you work on them you will smell new problems budding ! After all you will still be living and there will be situations created around which you will be reacting to ! Every time it will be new, your reaction to that situation would be new, consequence would new and the suffering would be new ! Ultimately the way you will have to work with time would also be new ! There is no end for this ! You will have to learn dealing with it !

Work ahead with time! Picture the consequences and pain you will have to go through before you act ! Stay calm and suppress the situation as much as possible ! Sometimes you might not see it coming, there might be no part of yours in it, still you will have to deal it ! It is not fair but I am afraid Thats the way it works ! It will only end when life ends!

You might ask me if I am telling there is no place for peace in life ! You will only have place for peace when you know how to hit the balls off your court and how to deal with the ones you miss ! Never expect life to throw balls in a way you are convenient in !

While you are still breathing, be thankful for what you have achieved, nurture what you have achieved, work with all your heart on what you want to achieve! Let it be people or position or fame or whatever, make them feel thankful and loved that you achieved them !

Never hold yourself back from something you need to do or say from your heart ! Who knows if you will still be breathing tomorrow ?!

Live and let know those who is making life easy and beautiful for you !

Live and let your heart know how you swam in this tough sea to make it this far !

Live and let yourself know how strong you are towards hard times that are yet to hit you !

Live !!!


Invincible Women !!



Yes we women are vulnerable and yet invincible !

We face the worse in every stride we take in life and yet we never bow out !

We look delicately beautiful and yet we could be sturdy !

We do handle things softly and yet we could be mean when needed!

We squeeze our souls out for the people we love and yet we get to manage the shit they give us in return!

we work our ass off at home and yet we manage being awesome at work.

we bleed for a quarter year and yet we are alive !

we deal with an intolerable pain for a creature to come into this world and yet we love them unimaginably.


Not even forever  is enough for any  being to be us. We sustain at any cost and there is no going back. Cowardly men might symbolize that they are braver by doing some horrific acts , each ruthless act of them will only showcase their increasing percentage of cowardliness. There no going back ! And we ll still step out and be what we wanna be. If short skits and shorts are only inducement for such horrific acts, why are women in burka and saris are getting raped ?! why are kids and even babies are getting raped ! what is so seductive in them ?!! These animals just need a vagina no matter what the age or relationship is !! Yes we are physically vulnerable since we are not prepared for such inhuman attacks !! We din’t know that fully evolved human will again go back to animal. We din’t know that universe isn’t safe for female ! But yes we stand out in everything we do and it would have been the other way round if we knew this could happen !

We stand for each other and we fight for each other ! It all started with us , women give birth and now they get raped by their sons! Such an animal he is to molest his own mother. Remember we all are not here with out a woman. People might say a man is the ultimate reason for a fetus to form, let me tell you ! He just fulfills his own needs and just because there is a fetus getting formed doesn’t mean woman has to bare it all for months and make it happen ! she does all that because she is kind enough to think of a human who is yet to be formed. Yes she does it all for us and now she ll regret !

Who am i telling this to ? It isn’t gonna stop ,is it ?! Its like we need to put this frustration some where since those animals still roaming around out there wild and free. So many people wrote and talked about this just like i did and i know these will just remain as our frustrated scripts. I know nothing is gonna change and this is where we gonna live!!!






What is maturity?!

Now that there is a panda on my maturity u think i am immature?

On what basis this maturity thing will be decided? u have any chart or set of rules for that to be qualified in ? When someone called u immature…on what basis they are gauzing u out? Who knows may be that someone who’s calling u an immature and so calling u immature…!? Did u ever think about it ?

Maturity is nothing but being able to handle the situations..!Again every body has their own way of handling things..! If someone have been through such situations  they will find it easy to handle n the rest ll learn then.It has nothing to do with maturity and all..!Let me make it simple and straight there is nothing like being mentally matured…if u have been through things u will know what to do and how to do.when someone calls u immature it means either they don’t like the decision u have made or u are new to what ever shit is happening n u be happy that u haven’t been through crazy crap till the moment.Basically u ll be called immature when u have good life and no crap to handle with😂so chill ! Puberty is the only maturity in a human’s life …!! Mental maturity is crap! Not every human living on the earth ll be facing crappy shits in all the possible departments of life…! so no human is fully matured since we have million shits yet to face n trust me everything ll surprise the shit outta us!😄u know what? i call understanding all this is maturity😂

Every Sluggish Morning!

Almost every morning , the second I try to lift up my heavy eye lids , I get this question on my mind! Why should I even get outta my bed ? When you feel there is nothing interesting going on in your life its better not to get outta bed.But ultimately something that we call commitment will push you outta bed to get to your job!!I don’t understand why do we have to do it when we have zero interest in it?Again we don’t know!Only thing that make my mornings a bit better is mug of tea!! Is it only me this way in the world? I am sure at least some will feel this way if not all !

Story of every morning in my life..!!bg7